Cheap services you would need for a Budget Pet Project


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Hey guys,

Everybody would have their own pet projects (Personal Projects that you work for fun, for knowledge, for practice,...), wouldn't they?

And it is super awesome if you can:

  • Deploy it ๐Ÿš€

  • Share with the whole world ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Add it to your own portfolio ๐Ÿฅณ

You don't need to be shy or feel like it doesn't worth show-off, but it is. Not to mention that you would learn all of these cool stuff:

  • Deployment processes (from manual to CI/CD)

  • Server stuff (Linux, setup env,...)

  • Domain configuration

  • SEO

  • ...

It is definitely the sky's the limit. There is soooo much growth potential.

I will share with you some of the services I usually use for my projects.

Some of the "DEFAULT" services/tools

  • GitHub: to store the source code (publicly or privately)

    • Actions: to run CI/CD processes (Free 3000m/month for the private repos because I'm using GitHub Pro)

    • CodeSpaces: cloud coding (Free 180hrs/month because I'm using GitHub Pro)

  • CodeCov: to analyze the code coverage of my projects (free with limitations, but all cool)


In order to deploy your cool stuff to the web, you need a server . I prefer using a VPS - Virtual Private Server. PROs:

  • I have my own resources to run my web apps, shared-nothing arch.

  • Working with a terminal like a hacker.

  • I can deploy multiple websites in 1 server if I wanted to.

Cheap services that I usually use:

  • Vultr: cheap VPS (starting from $2.5) and you can pay hourly too. It is giving you $50 for free (1st month). The $10 one is my favourite. My main service at the moment.

  • DigitalOcean: cheap VPS service too. I've used it 3-4 times.

  • AWS Lightsail: cheap VPS service powered by Amazon. Used once but really enjoy it.

Additionally: a normal AWS account would give you a free VPS (EC2) and a free RDS instance for a year too, you only have to pay for the traffic (the more traffic, the higher invoice per month).


Yeah, a domain needs to come after the server (even first). There are some cheap domain services:

  • GoDaddy: $0.99 .com domain (and other cheap TLDs) (you probably need to search for the voucher on the internet)

  • PorkBun: cheap domain too for a lot of TLDs, eg I got the for $11.99, quite ok.

For the domain, once bought, you can use it for a whole year.

DNS Service

After having a domain, you need to set up the DNS (basically pointing it to your server). You can use:

  • Your domain's provider DNS service: the quickest option.

  • Cloudflare: a powerful DNS service that backs you up with a lot of cool things:

    • Hide your servers

    • Analytics (the traffic)

    • Cache / CDN for your static files

    • DDoS

    • ...


Of course, this is mandatory. Nobody wants to access an HTTP website, insecure.

One and only free option: LetsEncrypt.

You can install it to your server and add a cron job to renew the cert by using CertBot


Well, that's it. Happy sharing your awesome projects with the whole big world.