Coding on Cloud, why not?

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Coding on Cloud, why not?


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Yo guys,

It is freaking 2023, Coding on Cloud is really a thing now.

I wasn't really into it before, but after using it for work for like 4 months, I'm really into it and love it.

I'll share with you my experience, the pros & cons.

There are so many platforms out there. But at the moment, I'm using GitHub CodeSpaces. Free 180 hours per month (I'm a PRO user tho).

About GitHub CodeSpaces

With some configurations (using Docker and some bash scripts), you can boot up your project and start coding on it.


A lot, yes really. It saves time & life. Make my productivity really high.

I don't need to have a strong machine (strong CPU, huge RAM,...).

I don't have to go thru a lot of setup processes (like every other traditional project, we have to install this, install that, set this, set that,...) and can take a whole day, even 2-3 days.

To set things up, I just only need to press this button:

Then everything is there. If I ever f**ked up anything, I can just simply delete the instance and create a new one (OMG that is the greatest thing ever).

I can code anywhere, anytime. All I need to have is:

  • Good internet connection (luckily, in Vietnam, WiFi is standard and you can have internal access everywhere - also super fast)

  • A laptop (for flexibility) or a PC (at home).

    • I'm having both haha.


I'm a big fan of JetBrains's IDEs. Using CodeSpaces means I have to use Visual Studio Code.

  • JetBrains is working on that as well and I'm waiting for the stable release โœŒ๏ธ

No offline code ๐Ÿ˜†, once you go offline, you can do nothing.

  • Might be a good thing to keep a Work-Life balance โœŒ๏ธ

A slow internet connection will affect your coding experience.

  • Yeah, just like playing a game with high ping, nobody likes that ๐Ÿซ 


That's all. You could give it a go and experience it for a while.

At first, I'm not into cloud coding (or cloud gaming) either, but the PROs are real and save a lot of my time.

I might give cloud gaming a chance too haha.