How I see myself after Tales of Vesperia


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Hi guys,

Just a fun topic after I played a game called Tales of Vesperia (FYI I'm a big fan of the Tales series game). I just finished it days ago (although it was released 10 years ago haha)

Before jumping into my story, let's have a quick overview of the game.

The Story, The Characters

The story is basically: find the bad guys and beat them to protect the people. On the journey, you'll meet and team up with cool people who have their own resolve. The final one: save the world from the most significant threat. (it is around 40+ hours of playing, so I suggest playing it yourself if you have time)

I love it.

The same goes for the characters too. These characters that I like the most:

  • Yuri: The one who loves people and even willing his own life to protect them. He quit the knight to find his own way of doing things without the knight. He finds his own way to the top by doing his own way.

  • Flynn: The one who joined the knight and fought from the lowest rank to the top. He's Yuri's best friend. He wants to change everything from the inside (the law, the work,...) to protect/serve the people.

  • Estelle: the princess who doesn't know anything about the world or the outside life, doesn't know what to choose, what is right. She grows up on the journey. She finds out about her resolve and her choices.


In some way, I can see myself is just as the same as Flynn.

At work, there would be things that you don't like, things that you want people to follow,... By raising things or complaining, it might work (won't be 100% guaranteed). Like Ultraman Geed's signature quote: "Sitting there and doing nothing, won't get you anywhere". All talk and no action, people don't trust and follow you.

So, I always take action. I always adapt everything as quickly as I can (reading the code of the whole project and learning as much as I can). I apply every awesome thing that will improve the project, I help out people when they needed it and I present on every topic (no boundary) in every team.

Usually, at work, I don't talk much but deliver results, and that's the one and only key point. Just avoid talking big but do nothing, no action,...

Just that, I find my way to the top and can apply the awesome things for the engineering parts, leading a whole team to a brighter future.

All I need to do is: always keep the fire in my heart & trust my resolve. Work hard, fight hard, the light is always there at the end of the tunnel.

Things that I also learnt after the game

  • Humans are stubborn, but humans can change for the better, that's what we can "evolution".

    • If you don't change, you don't adapt to new things, you will be left behind (become obsolete)

    • Your experience might work in the past but can be invalidated in the future. You need to learn and improve every day.

  • You're always stronger with friends. Friends empower you and you empower them.

  • Never give up and fight for your dream (I learn this one in every Kamen Rider series too hehe and totally love that)

  • If you don't know what to do, don't know your choices and haven't cleared your resolve. Go travel for a while, it would help you to determine that.


Just a fun topic tho, but honestly after the game, I learnt a lot and happy to see that's there is a character who has the same resolve just like I do.

Cheers for the weekend!