I use GitBook and I love it

I use GitBook and I love it


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Hi guys,

Today, I will provide you with an overview of GitBook, one of the best documentation platforms I have ever had the pleasure of using.

What is GitBook?

GitBook is a documentation platform on CLOUD, freemium and provides great features for writing documentation.

  • Blazing fast and UX-friendly.

  • Awesome WYSIWYG editor.

  • Highly customizable (a lot of options for a free account)

    • 💯 Custom Domain
  • Easy to collaborate with team members.

  • Your documentation will be versioned similarly to how you push changes to Git.

  • Lost your internet connection while writing? Don't worry, everything will be stored locally, ensuring you don't lose any progress and can continue working seamlessly.

  • Fast searching on the published site.

  • ...

My Documentation Sites

Yeah, you guys wouldn't believe it if I didn't add any site here, right?

Here are they:

My Reviews

I am using GitBook as a Free user for my OSS projects and I enjoy using it.

They offer many cool features for free users, which in a way contribute to the open-source software community. I truly appreciate it.

Comparison to Docusaurus

I've been using Docusaurus too, for both of documentation site & normal website (for showcase, the home page)

With Docusaurus, I have to:

  • Set up a repository.

  • Set up a deployment pipeline.

    • GitHub Pages

    • Buy a VPS

  • Write doc on IDE/Editor.

  • Doing the styling on my own in the hard way.

  • ...

Which could be troublesome for OSS projects or even work projects.

However, you can build the documentation site and place it under a VPN, ensuring that it can only be accessed by internal users (your company or organization). With GitBook, you need to purchase a seat for each individual who wants to read the documentation.

Comparison to ReadTheDoc

I've used ReadTheDocs once, the self-hosted version, and for that, it is exactly the same as Docusaurus.

I haven't used the ReadTheDocs cloud version. However, it is free for open-source projects, which is a great feature that I appreciate.

GitBook features a modern UI design and includes various cool elements, while ReadTheDoc has a more traditional design that encourages users to concentrate on the content.


These days, I consistently aim for an 80% focus on work and a 20% focus on documentation. This balance seems to be quite effective.

I hope with this article, you can choose a proper platform to write the documentation of your application for your team members.

Write documentation matters.

Thanks for reading! ✌️