Ideas and make them come true

Ideas and make them come true


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TL;DR: You have an idea. If you want to earn trust from that idea, then you must do it and show it to the whole world. Talk less, do more.

This post is about a journey to show you, how I make ideas come true.


  • You have ideas, good.

  • You talk about your ideas to the team, ok.

  • You want people to do that idea because of anything.

    • LOL, no way they're gonna do it.
  • Even worst, you want people to do that idea FOR YOU.

    • LOL, another impossible way too. No idea how miserable your idea will be.

Time goes and you're still doing the same way above. Congrats, no trust earned and people would care less about what you're going to say next.


  • Talk less, do more.

  • Work on it, show it and earn trust.

It might fail, it might go out of nowhere. But at least you tried and you share the result with the team. Everybody would appreciate the effort and cheer you up.

And if everything goes ok? You share with the team with CONFIDENT. Your stuff will be there and available for the team to use and improve the projects/processes.

No matter how small or big your idea is, the team will always welcome and appreciate it.

My story

A while back, I shared with the team that I'm going to implement the real-time arch for our app. Because:

  • Real-time update data, more accurate data on web-app/mobile.

  • Super cool stuff for clients.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I started the research and then jumped into the implementation.

Took me 3 days for the first implementation (working great), then 2 days for building the standard library & approach for it.

Then, I started to collab with 2 close friends in the company to work on the WebApp & Mobile App. They need to build a standard from their ends as well, so other devs can easily use it for their own components/screens/pages.

Finally, we booked a date with a whole engineering team. We shared it and demo to the team.

Everybody loves it.

We are 100% sure that we earned the team's trust. The idea became a reality.

Just simply awesome, right?


Like the TL;DR above, work on your idea when you have it.