Tools to draft your tech ideas


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Hey guys,

Sometimes, somewhere, suddenly some ideas will arrive in our heads out of nowhere ⭐️. It is truly a bliss.

Don't waste those ideas and try to note or draft them ASAP. Later, we can review them deeply once again (in our free time) to see if it's viable & worth investing 😉.

Today I'll share with you guys the tools that I always use to draft my ideas. The factors that I choose for a great tool are:

  • Easy to use

  • Simple design

  • Get started quickly

Note & Planning: Notion

Notion is awesome. Organizations around the world are using Notion every day.

Notion is really simple to use, we can create a quick page and note things as quickly as we can (on mobile). Once we get into our laptop/PC, we'll make the note become project info, planning, etc.

Worth mentioning: Notion is free (10 users) 🚀.

My usual template for a page:

# (Idea name)

## Information

Add the info and what it does

## Monetization

How to monetize the project?

## Competitors

Add the competitors (if any)

Diagram: Excalidraw

Excalidraw is a free diagram maker in the "hand-drawn" style. It makes the diagram feel like we drew it using the pencil 🥹.

I've been using Excalidraw and using their paid plan (organize & save the diagram on cloud, etc). It's really cool to add a bookmark "Draw diagram" and then draw things immediately 🤗.

Design ideas

Well, this one is tough lol. However, we can take reference from the competitors, premium designs, etc.

Then we can draw a simple site using either: Excalidraw or Figma.

Additionally, you can take the reference from TailwindUI or Flowbite (yeah I'm a fan of TailwindCSS, it's awesome).

Just make sure that your product will have a unique & awesome look 😎.


Well, that's all guys.

There is one suggestion left: before going to the planning & implementation, make sure to research the competitors (pricing, features, customers, etc). That's quite important to ensure that you don't waste your time or energy (or if you want to do it for learning, or coding purposes, well feel free to do so 🥰).

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post soon!